Authentic Bosnian Cuisine

Voted Grand Rapids' Best Bosnian Restaurant



A Bosnian restaurant opened in 2000, we provide an inviting atmosphere with a mission to never leave your belly empty. Our cuisine is Bosnian; but eating here you will notice that it is a cultural clash of authentic Turkish, Greek and many Central European countries, providing a unique eating experience. We have an essential selection of European and craft beers. It will not disappoint!

Eat Together

Everything tastes better with friends and beer!

Good lord this place is a hidden treasure!!! The gyros are the greatest. Must have the can’t stop, won’t stop fries!!!! The best! Sooooo delicious. And Baklava!!!! Need I say more! :-) :-) :-)
— Ken W.
I have driven by your establishment for years and never bothered to try it. This has been one of the chief mistakes of my adult life. I’m sorry, I love you, see you again soon.
— Adam A.